I started Antecedent Ventures at the beginning of 2015 with the goal of creating an engaged source of seed capital for entrepreneurs building enterprise software on the east coast.

What I'm looking for:

It's so amazing when I find it... the entrepreneur that exudes a special combination of qualities which lets me know she or he has what it takes to create something great.

My focus:

The reason I love enterprise software is because its value proposition is so easy to understand. If the product in question helps an enterprise increase gross profit or decrease operating expense more than the all-in cost, then it is probably useful.

How I'm different:

I asked this question to the founders I've backed and the best answer I got was, 'When we first met you, we noticed that you don't sound like a venture capitalist when you talk... that was a pretty good start.'


How I help:

If you surveyed all the founders I've worked with, at the seed stage, I think you would hear most frequently that I've been helpful in mitigating the operating risk that comes with getting a company started.

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Steve Berg

General Partner