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I decided to join the Antecedent team because Steve and Lucas have been building a top-tier early-stage firm. I saw first-hand how much they focus on positive involvement, providing resources and creating an information-sharing community for their portfolio companies - all the ingredients early-stage startups need from an investor to succeed. So I seized the opportunity to contribute to this very promising organization.

What I'm looking for:

With B2B startups, I always have an eye out for the founder with substantial experience and/or subject matter expertise in his/her company’s industry. Knowing your customers’ needs because you have been in their shoes or have provided them with solutions or services in the past, goes a long way in ensuring you will find product/market fit.

My focus:

I am particularly interested in businesses that are solving weighty problems that have a critical and profound impact on underserved or vulnerable communities, vital aspects of society and/or the planet. Cybersecurity is one industry that fits this bill. I concentrated on this field for many years because of the serious implications cybersecurity has on financial, national and even physical security. 

How I'm different:

As the co-founder and first CEO of Uplevel Security, leading the company from what began as my quixotic idea to what became a venture-backed company with Fortune 1000 customers, I completely understand the rollercoaster ride that early startups face. I can share my experiences and apply what I’ve learned to new companies that are going through the same process.


How I help:

Being well-versed in business on a budget, I can help devise creative, cost-effective approaches that produce results in key areas - from developing an MVP to getting the product in front of the right audience and all the points in between.

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Roselle Safran

Entrepreneur In Residence
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