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I began working with Steve shortly after he created Antecedent.  It started with us sharing deal flow.  We've since learned that we also share a similar philosophy about what makes a company great.  Over time a strong investing partnership has developed.

What I'm looking for:

I prefer technical founders because we speak the same language, but anyone with true passion for a problem will win me over.

My focus:

I seek out cyber security and deeply technical companies; these are the types of products I worked on as a coder.  If the product pushes the envelope from a technical sense, I believe a defensible moat can usually be created around the company.

How I'm different:

I’m a proud geek; a hacker turned venture capitalist. As someone who can code, and who used to break into computers for a living, I have the ability to be helpful on a deeper level than many other investors.


How I help:

Past experience has allowed me to develop a very strong network of experts ranging from Fortune 100 CSOs to authorities on encryption systems. If I don’t know the answer to a problem, there is a good chance I know someone who does. 

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Lucas Nelson

Venture Partner
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