Entrepreneur In Residence

In my time as founder and CEO of Uplevel Security I saw first-hand how much Antecedent focuses on positive involvement, providing resources and creating an information-sharing community for their portfolio companies - all the ingredients early-stage startups need from an investor to succeed. So I seized the opportunity to contribute to this very promising organization.

Managing Director, Needham & Company

Laura has over 20 years experience in high-technology, business strategy and finance. At Needham & Co., she has served as a senior banker on over $5 billion of public financings and M&A advisories, including several transactions in the IT infrastructure market. 

Betsy is the President of Teneo Ventures. She has 20 years’ experience in executive operating roles, financial management, and investment in high-growth companies.  Prior to joining Teneo, Ms. Cohen was CFO and CAO of Merchantry, which was acquired by Tradeshift.  Previously, Ms. Cohen was co-founder and CFO of a marketing intelligence company bought by The Nielsen Company. She also served as EVP of DialogBank Russia, where Ms. Cohen launched and ran various divisions of the commercial bank division of Troika Dialog, bought by Sberbank.

SVP Corporate Technology, Hearst Corporation

Allen is the head of Hearst's cross functional Corporate Technology team which includes software engineering, user experience, product management, business development, strategic planning, procurement and analytics. He is responsible for 120+ technology product initiatives and deals to foster innovation.

Principal, Evolution Equity

Lucas Nelson is a Principal at Evolution Equity Partners, a venture firm which focuses on cybersecurity and enterprise software.  He is a hacker turned venture capitalist and as such brings a unique mix of technical depth and business knowledge to startups.


Pavlo is the Chairman & CEO of SpaceCode. SpaceCode provides transformational inventory management, verification and authentication solutions using RFID and LED for the diamond, jewelry and healthcare industries. Pavlo was the Chief Financial Officer of one the world's largest diamond groups (1998-2012), and represented it on the board of Sotheby's Diamonds Holdings SA.  

Partner, Connectivity Capital Partners

Denmark is the Chief Investment Officer of the Connectivity Ventures Fund.  He has worked as an advisor at Forrer Street Co., was President of BET Digital Media Division and an Executive Vice President at MTV Networks.  He also worked in various capacities at Microsoft.

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